4G OBD Car Tracker VS Strong Magnetic Car Tracker?

OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is called on-board diagnostic program, which is the input and output interface for digital information in the car. This makes the car less of a mechanical device and more of a digital device that always has data output. Intelligence and data are inextricably linked, so a true vehicle or smart car internet will inevitably use the OBD interface.
Here is the difference between an in-vehicle 4G OBD locator and a strong magnetic locator.
All vehicles built in the last 20 years have an OBD port in the driver's area, which will be used by the relevant authorities to monitor the car's high emissions and output important and intelligent car data. The popular OBD interface breaks down the information barriers of the car, converting the car index data into usable information and even writing some information to affect the performance of the car.

4G OBD locator can collect basic car data and location data, analyze them and make car maintenance plan or change the way of car insurance quotation. The strong magnetic GPS locator seems to change only the installation method. In this way, 4G OBD vehicle locator seems to be better.

However, most car owners or the auto loan industry install GPS locators to secure their vehicles. Nowadays, criminals' activities are very rampant, they need anti-shielding and anti-reconnaissance features, and the car 4G OBD locator has been connected to the car's OBD port. It is not easy to hide, easy to be detected and destroyed, and cannot achieve the normal positioning function. Strong magnetic GPS locator itself has anti-shielding and anti-detection functions, and is relatively small, easy to hide and not easy to be detected. The strong magnetic locator wins.

Therefore, strong magnetic GPS locator is still the current trend in GPS positioning industry. It is best to choose the most suitable car tracker according to your needs. Today's content has been shared with you. If you want to know more about car 4G OBD tracker, please pay attention to icar 4G OBD Car tracker.

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