Questions For Gps Device

1.Why there is so many “hieroglyphs”on the APP?
The “hieroglyphs” is Chinese. Engineers have written many different language into the APP, but not including all language.
APP language adapts to your phone language. App shows in Chinese if it can’t read your phone language, because the language is missing in the APP database.
How to solve this issue?
First, you could switch your phone to English. Second, get in touch with our customers service to upgrade the language database.

2.Why can’t log in app or platform?
First, Please confirm that you use the right APP or Platform:
Platform :
Second : Make sure that you have chosen the right option to login:
Click “ID number login” if you want to log in with ID number;
Click “Account Login” if you have an account.

3.What’s the APN?
The APN is Access Point Network of the sim card you are going to insert into the gps device.
Please check the APN with your Sim card operator.
Or check it by this link:

4.How to set APN?
1).send SMS commands to set APN  2).Tell us your APN, then we could help you set APN before shipping.

APN Command format: apn123456+blank+ APN name (the format is different for different tracking device, set apn according to device user manual)

5.How Can I set IP and port?
Normally,we have preset the IP and Port before shipping the gps devices for customers.
Or you can send following commands to set:
Commands format: adminip+Password+Blank+IP+Port
E.g: adminip123456 7700

(password: 123456   IP:   Port: 7700)

6.How can I get an account to log in on platform or APP?
Please get in touch with our customers service team ( to help you create an account if you buy more than 2pcs devices.
Email us with the user name and password you want to use on our platform, and all ID numbers of the tracking devices you want to put under your account.

7.Do I have to change IMEI?
All our IMEI number is legal, so you don’t have to change the IMEI.
You may have to change IMEI if you buy tracking devices from small manufacturer who offers illegal IMEI.

8.What should i do if tracking device shows “unactivated” on platform?
1).Check if the device is power on or not, if not, please recharge for it.
2).Check if you have insert the sim card in a right way, and your sim card offer enough data for the device(at least 30mb per month).
Notice: please don’t use the sim card with Pin Code for gps device( it means the sim card that you have to insert a password on the sim card to use it), or you could ask your sim card operator to help cancel the password for you.
3).Check if the apn, IP,port has been set in a right way. Send command to check, command content: CXZT
4)Take the gps tracker and go out of the house, for better gps signal. And make sure the device is not covered by any metal.

9.Why does the device shows “offline” on platform?
1).Check if there is Cut off alarm or Remove Alarm and Low Power Alarm on APP, because device will show offline if it has been disconnected.
Reinstall or Recharge for the device to make it online is ok.
2)Check if you should recharge for the sim card for enough data.
3).Check if the apn, IP,port has been set in a right way.

10.Why does the gps device shows incorrect positioning? Or why my device shows it’s in China? Why my device show it is in the sea?
That’s the last location of the gps tracker before shipping.
Or the device can’t find gps signal, it shows incorrect location.
Please put the device in open area for better gps signal. (near the window or take it out of the house and go to street)

11.Why the tracking device shows incorrect time?
Please update the correct timezone for your device on platform.(APP doesn’t support timezone change)

12.How to choose sim card?
Please confirm 2G network still work in your country or not and make it clear what kind of tracking device you are going to buy?( 2G/3G/4G).
Make sure the sim card you buy supports 2G/3G/4G frequence bands and it come with that the card has enough currency and credit to support at least 30MB data petr month.
And the sim card can work without password, that means it didn’t come with pin code.

13.How can I tell if the gps tracker locate in a right way or not?
1).check if the location address is right or not.
2).check if the location way is correct or not: shows GPS+LBS or GPS+Glonass.
3).Check if the time is right or not.

14.Why device doesn’t response to sms commands?
1).check if insert the sim card right and well
2).check if sim card with credit
3).check if sim card support your device frequency bands or not:
2G network and frequency band: GSM+GPRS, 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
3G frequency bands: WCDMA , 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz
4G frequency bands: LTE , frequency bands different for different country.
4).Is there a pin code on the sim card? If yes,please contact sim card operator to help cancel it, or try another sim card from different operator.

15.Which platform do your devices support except your own platform?

 Our tracking devices have been intergrated on the following platform:


 16.How to set admin number?

     SMS Commands: admin123456+blank+phone number

(Please don't send the number of the sim card you insert for the tracking device.

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