How Did GPS Tracker Work?


There are many types of GPS locators available today, such as GPS locators for vehicles, GPS personal locators, and pet locators. However, most users are not very familiar with the principle of GPS locator. Today icar gps will give you a detailed introduction to the working principle of GPS locator. I hope everyone can understand this.

The so-called GPS locator system consists of three parts:

First,The ground control part consists of three parts: the main control station, the ground antenna, the overload station and the communication assistant system.

Second, the space part consists of 24 satellite systems, which are distributed in 6 orbital planes.
Third, the user equipment part is composed of a GPS receiver and a satellite antenna. The accuracy of the civilian positioner is now up to 10 meters (GPS locator).
In fact, the working principle of GPS locator is also applicable to GPS personal locator. The working principle between them is very close. The similarity between GPS locator and personal GPS locator is the same use of satellite navigation system.

What are the GPS Tracker positioning methods? What is the principle?

A: The main positioning methods are: GPS, LBS, WIFI, Beidou BDS and AGPS.

1. GPS satellite positioning principle: Through satellite positioning, there are GPS modules and PGS antennas on the equipment. Capture the points by searching for the satellite. Then the same network passed to our backstage. The background will calculate and parse out the latitude and longitude coordinates of the device, and finally determine the address.
The server and the server calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates to determine the location address.

2. LBS positioning: The equipment is indoors and outdoors, and 3 or more base station towers are searched, and the location information of the base station tower is sent to the server, and the server calculates the latitude and longitude coordinates to determine the positioning address.

3. WIFI positioning: Based on the WIFI module on the device, the WIFI hotspot will be searched indoors. Our server has a database of WIFI (Baidu, Gaode), the device will automatically detect the WIFI hotspot, upload it to the server through the left side of the location of the GPRS traffic hotspot, and return the location coordinates to the device after the background operation. Because the IP address of each WIFI hotspot location is unique, the location of the device after parsing is fixed.

4.BDS positioning: The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is a global satellite navigation system developed by China. It is the third mature satellite navigation system after the United States Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system (GLONASS). The Beidou satellite navigation system space segment consists of five geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non-geostationary orbit satellites. China plans to cover the Asia-Pacific region around 2012 and cover the world around 2020. China is implementing the Beidou satellite navigation system and has successfully launched 16 Beidou navigation satellites.

5.AGPS positioning: Assisted Global Positioning System (English: Assisted Global Positioning System, referred to as: AGPS) is a GPS operating mode. It can use the information of the mobile base station to match the traditional GPS satellites, so that the positioning speed is faster. Assisted Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that uses assisted services to reduce the time required for positioning.

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