What kind of gps tracker should be chosen for cold chain cargo logistics transportation?


For cold chain logistics and cargo transport companies, installing locators on transport vehicles has become a management measure, however, there are many kinds of vehicle locators on the market. So, which locator should be chosen as the most suitable for these industries?

1. Precise positioning & real-time monitoring

First of all, the most basic function of a vehicle locator is accurate positioning, and it is best to choose a wired locator, so that accurate positioning at the same time can also achieve real-time positioning and monitoring.

2. Theft prevention of transport vehicles and goods

For logistics and transportation enterprises, the safety of vehicles and goods is very important. In order to improve the anti-theft performance, the locator installed by the enterprise should have a variety of alarm functions, such as speeding alarm, fence alarm, illegal opening of the door alarm, illegal start of the vehicle alarm, power failure alarm, SOS distress alarm, etc. Through these alarm functions to effectively protect the safety of transport vehicles, drivers and goods.

3. Temperature sensing & oil monitoring

For cold chain logistics enterprises, strict control of temperature is very important, too high or too low temperature may lead to damage of transported goods. For this reason the locator installed should have a temperature sensor, once the temperature exceeds the limit, it will automatically send an alarm to the background. In addition, for all vehicles may appear the problem of oil theft, the locator should also be equipped with oil monitoring, once detected consumption abnormalities will also send a notification to the background.

4. Intelligent management of transport vehicles

Cold chain logistics and cargo transport enterprises cannot keep an eye on the movement of a certain transport vehicle all the time, and for enterprises, multi-vehicle management and vehicle scheduling is a necessary task. This is the time to use the locator management platform to realize the intelligent management of transport vehicles. Enterprises can use a locator management platform like "icar gps" to manage all transportation vehicles by customizing electronic fences, playing back tracks, analyzing driving behavior, managing equipment, etc.

If companies have other specific needs, such as recording, remote monitoring, vibration alarm, etc., please feel free to  to get in touch with icar to request customization.

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