4G IK720 New Version Relay GPS Tracker With ACC Detection
Description: The product IK720 Relay GPS Tracker is the latest hidden design Car GPS Tracker which is designed specially for vehicle, such as car, motorcycle, motorbike and truck tracking! IK720 Relay GPS Tracker has wide operating voltage 10-40V DC, which can...
$50.00 $43.00
IK209C GPS Tracker
$136.00 $68.00
IK209C GPS Tracker
Product Features: 1. GPS+LBS Dual Positioning Ways: If the gps signal is good, the device will locate via gps satellite, if not, the device will locate via LBS! Under            GPS locating mode, the accuracy is 5-10...
$136.00 $68.00
4G OBD Car Tracker IK742
$86.00 from $65.00
4G OBD Car Tracker IK742
Description: The IK742 is a plug-and-play 4g OBD II GPS Tracking Device without wiring, which can be plugged into a vehicle’s OBD port and begins tracking immediately. All vehicles are equipped with an OBD port near the driver’s seat. Easy install...
$86.00 from $65.00
IK713 Waterproof Car Tracker
Cheap Waterproof Car Alarm Tracker Navigation Android Motorcycle Gps Tracking Device With 300mah Battery  1.Real time tracking2.Waterproof GPS Tracker3.Shock alarm4.Geo-fence5.History route playback6.Power Off Alarm7.Cut wires alarm:8.Overspeed alarm:9.Low Battery Alarm10.ACC on/ off status detection11.Location can be tracked by google link 12.300mah...
$38.00 $26.00
IK743 4G Car Tracker
4G Car GPS Tracker Real Time Anti-Lost Locator Positioner -Real Time Tracking -Remote Cut off Fuel -ACC Detection -LTE /WCDMA/GSM,Support A-GPS -Simcom 7670 Module,Full Network Coverage -Global Operator Certification -Strong Signal,Fast and Accurate Postioning -Extra Large Backup Battery, Long-term tracking...
$76.00 $45.00
IK703 Car Charger GPS Tracker
ICAR IK703 Car Charger GPS Tracker : -Hidden Design, IK703 is not only a car charger,but also a GPS Tracker for Vehicle; -Smart Quick Charging ; -Easy Install & Use; -Overspeed Alarm; -Real Time Tracking; -GEO-Fence -History Route Playback; Device Number IK703...
$49.00 $32.00
4G Vehicle GPS Tracker IK746 GT06 Protocol(Wireless Alarm)
A 4G GPS tracker with a siren is a device that can be used to track the location of a person or an object in real-time and also has an alarm system to notify the owner if the device is...
IK740 4G Car Tracker
$120.00 $88.50
IK740 4G Car Tracker
Product Details  Can't track your car by 2G or 3G GPS tracker when in USA? Proud to introduce the 4G IK740 GPS tracker for you,which is powered by EC21 Telecom Chipset and Ublox 7020 Location Chip and worked by Frequency Band LTE B1,B3,B5,B8. With the above...
$120.00 $88.50
IK711 Waterproof Car/Motor Tracker
As a high-end multifunctional vehicle GPS tracker, IK711 is famous with solid performance for reasonable price.  Features: 1.Precise postioning with accuracy with 5 meters 2.GPS+BD+LBS  postioning stystem 3.Tri-proof design:Waterproof,dustproof and drop resistant 4.Remove/Power Off Alarm             ...
$38.00 $25.00
IK710 Car Tracker with Free Google Map APP
 Known as its stability and durability, IK710 has been popular worldwidely for many years.The mini size design make it easily to be hidden and installed.With the wide operating voltage 9-100 V DC, IK710 can be compatible with almost all vehicle...
$26.00 from $19.50
IK702 4G OBD Tracker
Features of 4G OBD Tracker IK702: 1.Easy Install                                  2.Overspeed alarm                             ...
4G GPS Tracker IK741 (Two Way Communication)
4G GPS Tracker IK741 (Two Way Communication) Features: -LTE /WCDMA/GSM,Support A-GPS -7670SA Module,Full Network Coverage -Global Operator Certification -Strong Signal,Fast and Accurate Postioning -140mah Extra Large Backup Battery, Long-term tracking after main power is disconnected Features of 4g GPS TRACKER IK741...

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