IK720 New Version Relay GPS Tracker With ACC Detection

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Description: The product IK720 Relay GPS Tracker is the latest hidden design Car GPS Tracker which is designed specially for vehicle, such as car, motorcycle, motorbike and truck tracking! IK720 Relay GPS Tracker has wide operating voltage 10-40V DC, which can be compatible with most vehicles on the market! Besides, IK720 Relay...


The product IK720 Relay GPS Tracker is the latest hidden design Car GPS Tracker which is designed specially for vehicle, such as car, motorcycle, motorbike and truck tracking!

IK720 Relay GPS Tracker has wide operating voltage 10-40V DC, which can be compatible with most vehicles on the market!

Besides, IK720 Relay Tracker adopts the most advanced technology of GPS, Glonass and LBS Triple positioning, can locate very fast and send you very accurate position information. Under GPS locating mode, the accuracy can be less than 10 meters!

What's more, the relay gps tracker can be connected directly with the battery of the vehicle, then the relay gps can get continuous power without recharging!

The relay gps tracker IK720 supports GSM Quad Band Frequency(850/900/1800/1900Mhz), which can work perfectly around the worldwide!

Most Importantly, it's lifetime free for our users to use our tracking platform and tracking software. You don't have pay any monthly or yearly fee for using the tracking service and don't have to worry that your device will be expired one day.


Key Features:

1. Hidden Design and Easy Installation
relay outlook design makes the device very convenient for hide and install.

2. ACC Detection (New Function)

The vehicle ACC status represents the starting and stopping status of our vehicle.

When the vehicle ACC status is displayed as On, it means that our vehicle engine has been turned on;

When the vehicle ACC status is off, it means that our vehicle is in a stalled state.

ACC can check vehicle status.

It can also be used as an enterprise vehicle administrator to determine whether the enterprise vehicle has a waste of resources.

Stop the waste of vehicle resources by employees of manufacturing companies in a timely manner.

Of course, this function can also be easily implemented in the instant positioner monitoring system.

New Version Relay GPS Tracker can help admin tell when or how the vehicle is working.

3. Remotely Cut Off & Resume Fuel
Once your vehicle was stolen or meet any emergency, you will can remotely cut off the fuel via SMS command or APP to stop the vehicle, of course you also can resume the fuel remotely.

4. Intelligent Anti-theft System
Car start, automatically cancel the anti-theft mode; stop the fire, the positioner automatically enters the anti-theft mode.

5. Multiple Location Tracking—24 Hours Upload
Glonass+GPS+LBS multi-mode positioning system makes the acquired position information more accurate and reliable, and rejects all errors.

6. Geo Fence
Set the security zone. When the car enters or leaves the security zone, the mobile phone will receive the reminder at the first time. You can keep track of the car dynamics without opening the app.

7. Historical Track—180 days
Free storage of the cloud, recording the car's 180-day driving trajectory throughout the day, in case of special circumstances, do not worry, the phone can be seen anytime, anywhere, it is so capricious.

8. Vehicle Vibration Alarm
When the car is stationary, the positioner automatically enters the fortified state. When the car is moved or bumped, the positioner will immediately send an alarm message to the owner (sms, phone, APP, multiple alarm prompts)

9. Equipment Removal Alarm
The device is equipped with a sensitive sensor, and when the device is removed or destroyed, the owner will immediately receive an alarm message.

10.Wide Operating Voltage 10-40V DC, compatible with vehicles on the market!



Device Number IK720 Relay GPS Tracker
Device Dimension  31*31*57mm
Device Weight  29.3g
Telecom Chipset  Mediatek MT2503
Network  GSM&GPRS
Frequency Band  GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Location Chipset  Mediatek MT2503
Location Way  LBS/AGPS/GPS/Glonass
Location accuracy  <10 meters
Tracking sensitivity  -162 dBm
Humidity  5%--95% non-condensing
Internal Battery  3.7V 80mAh Li-Polymer battery
Standby Time  2 hours
Magnet No
Sim Card  Nano SIM card

Relay GPS Tracker

ik720 relay gps tracker

Something you must be known before placing order:

1.Relay GPS Tracker is a 2G GSM GPS Tracker. 

  It works on the basis of Existing 2G GSM / GPRS Networks.

  If your country has closed the 2G  Network, you can choose another 3G product!

 2.You can track the device in real time on a Google map using a mobile phone, tablet and computer.

3. The IK720 relay gps tracker can't be used for the following countries:

 USA,Australia,New Zealand,Korea, Japan,Canada, Singapore,China Taiwan

4.When sending cut off oil command: 555,the device will execute the oil cut command;

  When the speed exceeds 20km/h, this command will not be executed immediately.

  By supplying oil and cutting off the oil (2 seconds interval), the speed will slow down.

  When the speed is less than 20km/h. The device will fully execute the fuel cut command.)

5.Overspeed alarm works only under continuous positioning mode. When the unit speed exceeds your preset speed, it will send the message "Speed Alert!" to the administrator number.

6.Turning on the sleep mode, the relay gps tracker can go into sleep mode and then save the car's battery.

About cut off oil function:

Regarding the connection of the line, it is necessary to find a professional person to install, otherwise the oil cut function may not work.

1. The standard power supply of this device is 10V-50VDC, the red line is the positive pole of the power supply, and the black is the negative pole of the power supply; when installing a negative power pole, please select grounding or grounding separately, And do not share with other wires;

2.The oil shutoff control line (green / blue line) is connected to the oil pump line.

Off state:power line requires 12V.

When the oil cut function is not available, you need to check:

1. Whether your device uses gps positioning, if it is, after sending the fuel cut command, wait for a while, the device will respond to the command;

2. If your device gps has no signal, after sending the oil cut command,It takes at least 1 minute for the device to execute the command. Please wait a few minutes.


​If you are in Turkey, please write a message to modify the imei number in the order, or contact us after placing the order, we can help you to modify the imei number.

If you can in Chile or Colombia,after you receive the product, you should register imei in your country as soon as possible, otherwise the device is not allowed to be used in your country.

How to inquire imei number:you can send SMS command : imei123456.

How to use the Relay GPS Tracker

​ (1)Insert Sim Card

opend the cover, insert a NANO SIM card support GSM/GPRS network into the slot and make sure the chip side is up. Please make sure the sim card you inserted is compatible with the relay gps tracker. 

   More notification about sim card details, please check the GPS TRACKER FAQ.

how to use the relay gps tracker


(2)Connect cable follow the picture

 how to install relay gps tracker


Package  Contents:

  • 1 x IK720 Relay GPS Tracjer 
  • 1 x User Manual Card 
  • x  Gift Box

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IK720 New Version Relay GPS Tracker With ACC Detection
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