• IK122 Pro Hound Tracker User Manual-English Version

    1.Get ready a Nano Sim Card that support GSM&GPRS with 30MB data per month. 2.Open the SIM Card stopperwith screw driver.   3.Insert Sim Card 4. Turn on the Power button(5 seconds press)   Blue light Fix: GSM/GPRS conversation start   Yellow light Fix: GPS location successful       As below picture shown, the device has been actived. 5.Set APN    Use your phone to send command to your device number:    Command...
  • IK700 GPS Tracker

    SIM Card installation Get ready a Micro Sim Card that support GSM&GPRS with 30MB data per month Open the top housing Insert Sim card to sim card slot correctly Devices would turn on autoly (green led will blinking). After that the device will be ready. LED Indications Fix Flash Off Green Light GSM/GPRS conversation start No GPRS signal Power off or in sleep mode...
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