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Most manufacturers have put SIM card’s APN and internet settings programmed in their devices, making it very simple to connect your device to the internet.
You will need a wireless plan to be able to track and navigate if you own a GPS tracker.
We provide a variety of flexible wireless data plans to meet your needs no matter which country you are from.
No contracts, No credit check.

Our SIM Card is nearly compatible with all 2G, 3G & 4G LTE GSM GPS Trackers.
The SIM cards are Triple-Cut to fit a variety of devices. Each card can be adjusted from Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card sizes.

Where do you need Sim Card for?

1.Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

IoV, in fact is a combined system of smart traffic network ad management system. Through advance sensors, wireless communication, data processing and exchange technologies, the information is collected and analysed form smart sensors installed in vehicles or terminals transmitted through mobile network to a management platform. It can manage our traffic system to be more efficient and safe to be moving vehicles and pedestrians. 

It can be used in On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), GPS Navigation, real time vehicle data recording, Telemetric Box, Traffic light control etc.


The logistics industry is one of the early adoption of the IoT industries, which means a lot of modern logistics industries have even applying advanced technology in digitalisation, artificial Intelligence (AI) with Big data, networking, integration, visualization, automation and others.


You can use it with your fleet management and cargo trackers.


For more details about the data plans,please contact us  info@icargps.com .



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