IK712 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Mini GPS Tracker IK712 For Vehicle / Motorcycle IK712 car tracker from ICAR is a 4 pin tracker for motor, car , truck etc. It weights only 23g and features work by GPS+LBS+Glonass postioning for real time tracking. Come with the...
$32.00 $19.50
IK725 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Mini GPS Tracker IK725, With Door Sensor, Good Price!! 1. Real Time Tracking2. 180 mah build in battery3. Shock Alarm4. Geo-fence5. History route playback6. Power Off Alarm7. Cut wires alarm:8. Overspeed alarm:9. Low Battery Alarm10. ACC on/ off status detection11....
$48.00 $35.00
LK209A Car GPS Tracker
Features of LK209A Car GPS Tracker: 1.Real-time tracking2.Auto-tracking GPS 3.Blind area tracking 4.GPS+GSM tracking 5.History-trace checking 6.Geo-fence 7.Dropped alert 8.Overspeed alert 9.Low battery alert 10.Remoting Monitoring 11.Shaking sensor alert 12.Sleeping Working 13.6000mAh big battery standby upto 70 days 14. Movement alarm...
$59.00 $45.00
LK209B Vehicle GPS Tracker
Features of LK209B Car GPS Tracker:   1.Real-time tracking   2.Auto-tracking GPS Vehicle Tracking   3.Blind area tracking GSM Tracker   4.GPS+GSM tracking GSM Alarm System   5.History-trace checking gprs tracker   6.Geo-fence GPRS   7.Dropped alert Waterproof Tracker   8.Overspeed alert Waterproof    9.Low battery alert Car...
$82.00 $56.00
LK210 Mini Car Tracker 3G
Features of LK210 GPS Tracker 3G: 3G WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 system global general; Built-in switching power supply, exceed wide voltage input range: 10-75 VDC; GPS continuous GPS positioning, GPRS report regularly; Support SMS message to check the location info; Built-in vibration sensor, realization vehicle anti-theft intelligently; ACC the ignition signal detection,vehicle status prompted; Waterproof designed   Built-in backup battery, realize the illegal cut the line alarm;   Parameters of LK210 Car Tracker: - Size: 68mm x 40mm x 20mm  - Battery: 370mAh  - Standby: 3 days  - Weight: 90g  - Network: GSM & GPR, WCDMA  - Band:...
$69.00 $58.00
3G Car Tracker IK740
Description: With the top quality craftmanship, IK740 3G Car tracker is a fully featured, competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking. It provides you with clear real-time tracking details, including location, route, flashback,...
from $52.00
IK726 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Features: -Real Time Tracking- -Remote Control Device Restart -Overspeed Alarm -Low Power Alarm -Disconnect Alarm -ACC Detection      
$68.00 $38.00
IK723 Vehicle GPS Tracker
$48.00 from $32.00
IK723 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Parameters: Device Number IK723 Car Tracker  Device Dimension  60*35*15mm Device Weight  60g Telecom Chipset  Mediatek MT2503 Network  GSM&GPRS Frequency Band  GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz Location Chipset  Mediatek MT2503 Location Way  LBS/AGPS/GPS/Glonass Location accuracy  <10 meters Tracking sensitivity  -162 dBm Humidity  5%--95% non-condensing...
$48.00 from $32.00
12V Relay for Vehicle Tracker
Product Description: Relays and sockets are used for many automotive electronic applications to turn On / Off almost any device. They are also used when the device is pulling heavy. Amperage such as car alarms, remote start, fog lights, stereo systems,...
IK701 4G OBD GPS Tracker
Product Details  OEM/ODM or Wholesale Customers Please Contact ICAR GPS For Further Cooperation: info@icargps.com OBD,short for On-Board Diagnostics, is an easy to fit plug & play OBD port tracker with superior location, tracking, reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Want a nice, easy...

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