IK241 4G Asset GPS Tracker
Product Details  Designed for the rental car / bus, trunk , personnel , container , safer , the IK241 4G asset tracker are powered by 3000mah big capacity Li-Polymer battery ,which can standby for about 5 days under 4G network. And with...
IK242 4G Asset GPS Tracker
Product Details Designed for the rental car / bus, trunk , personnel , container , safer , the IK242 4G asset tracker are powered by 6000mah big capacity Li-Polymer battery ,which can standby for about 5 days under 4G network. And with...
IK701 OBD Locator
Product Details  OEM/ODM or Wholesale Customers Please Contact ICAR GPS For Further Cooperation: info@icargps.com OBD,short for On-Board Diagnostics, is an easy to fit plug & play OBD port tracker with superior location, tracking, reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Want a nice, easy...
IK703 Car Charger GPS Tracker
ICAR IK703 Car Charger GPS Tracker : -Hidden Design, IK703 is not only a car charger,but also a GPS Tracker for Vehicle; -Smart Quick Charging ; -Easy Install & Use; -Overspeed Alarm; -Real Time Tracking; -GEO-Fence -History Route Playback; Device Number IK703...
$49.00 $32.00
IK710 Car Tracker with Free Google Map APP
 Known as its stability and durability, IK710 has been popular worldwidely for many years.The mini size design make it easily to be hidden and installed.With the wide operating voltage 9-100 V DC, IK710 can be compatible with almost all vehicle...
$26.00 from $19.50
IK711 Waterproof Car/Motor Tracker
As a high-end multifunctional vehicle GPS tracker, IK711 is famous with solid performance for reasonable price.  Features: 1.Precise postioning with accuracy with 5 meters 2.GPS+BD+LBS  postioning stystem 3.Tri-proof design:Waterproof,dustproof and drop resistant 4.Remove/Power Off Alarm             ...
$38.00 $25.00
IK712 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Mini GPS Tracker IK712 For Vehicle / Motorcycle IK712 car tracker from ICAR is a 4 pin tracker for motor, car , truck etc. It weights only 23g and features work by GPS+LBS+Glonass postioning for real time tracking. Come with the...
$32.00 $19.50
IK713 Waterproof Car Tracker
Cheap Waterproof Car Alarm Tracker Navigation Android Motorcycle Gps Tracking Device With 300mah Battery  1.Real time tracking2.Waterproof GPS Tracker3.Shock alarm4.Geo-fence5.History route playback6.Power Off Alarm7.Cut wires alarm:8.Overspeed alarm:9.Low Battery Alarm10.ACC on/ off status detection11.Location can be tracked by google link 12.300mah...
$38.00 $26.00
IK720 New Version Relay GPS Tracker With ACC Detection
Description: The product IK720 Relay GPS Tracker is the latest hidden design Car GPS Tracker which is designed specially for vehicle, such as car, motorcycle, motorbike and truck tracking! IK720 Relay GPS Tracker has wide operating voltage 10-40V DC, which can...
$35.00 $20.00
IK723 Vehicle GPS Tracker
$48.00 from $32.00
IK723 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Parameters: Device Number IK723 Car Tracker  Device Dimension  60*35*15mm Device Weight  60g Telecom Chipset  Mediatek MT2503 Network  GSM&GPRS Frequency Band  GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz Location Chipset  Mediatek MT2503 Location Way  LBS/AGPS/GPS/Glonass Location accuracy  <10 meters Tracking sensitivity  -162 dBm Humidity  5%--95% non-condensing...
$48.00 from $32.00
IK725 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Mini GPS Tracker IK725, With Door Sensor, Good Price!! 1. Real Time Tracking2. 180 mah build in battery3. Shock Alarm4. Geo-fence5. History route playback6. Power Off Alarm7. Cut wires alarm:8. Overspeed alarm:9. Low Battery Alarm10. ACC on/ off status detection11....
$48.00 $35.00
IK726 Vehicle GPS Tracker
Features: -Real Time Tracking- -Remote Control Device Restart -Overspeed Alarm -Low Power Alarm -Disconnect Alarm -ACC Detection      
$68.00 $38.00

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