Founder of ICAR,Eric is a young man who come from a quiet but beautifull small village.
The family didn't have any means of transportation when he was a child.
It took him a long time to go to school or go for shopping in the town,since there is a long distance from his village to the town.

One day,his father saved enough money and bought a motocycle. Eric was so exciting when he saw the motorcycle.
After three weeks happy time was gone,he was told that the motorcycle was stolen in the town...
He was very very angry,but also helpless.

Year by year,  the helpless boy has grown up.That motorcycle is still an indelible memory for the boy.

After more than a decade, he graduated from college and came to work in the cosmopolitan city-Shenzhen, where he was exposed to many emerging technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, UWB, etc.
When he heard about GPS Tracking technology the first time,he was exciting,and thinking If he knew GPS tracker in the past, then their first motorcycle would not be stolen.
If more people could know more about gps tracking, there won't be so many cars being stolen in the world ;
If GPS positioning can be more accurately, there won't be so many children are lost or trafficked every year;
If tracking device can be more accurately, there won't be so many lovely pet be lost every year;

Finally, he realized that he could do more to promote the development for this industry,make it known worldwidely and make it easier for people to use tracking devices.

Eric has been fighting in this industry over 6 years .

In the past 6 years,he has spent much time for his business trip in EU,US,Dubai,India,Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries, to visit customers and help them solve the issues encounter in the customized project.

The product is not perfect enough in his opinion ! He firmly believes that he can do more and make it better !

You may have the same experices when using the gps tracking devices: no signals,alarm delay, tracking interrupt etc.  
Solutions are always more than difficulty.This is the belief he has always relied on.

ICAR GPS are working hard to help users find out the reason and solve the isses.

That’s what ICAR fights for !!

He used to test the tracking device, aim to find out the real reason and solve the issues, even if he has to work overtime at the computer in the evening.
He feel more confidence about this industry after AGPS technology announced,which makes GPS positioning faster and more accurate.
Most customers would like to invite Eric to have dinner together when they come to china.

Because this man knows what they need,and always be patient to help with their goal.They are not only business partners,they are friends finally.

As an CEO, Eric alway instilled his intention for tracking industry to his employees:

We care anything you care!

The company's aim is to use our professional ability to provide professional help for more people in need in the world.

For the convience to recepte foreign customers, ICAR office is chosen to be contiguous to Shenzhen World.

We are at the cosmopolitan city - Shenzhen,ICAR Welcome your visit anytime!


— ICAR, care what you care!

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