IK122 Waterproof Dog Collar GPS Tracker

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The most exciting moment about traveling in the wild is that a few hunting friends bring their hound or hunting dog to the mountain or forest for hunting. But hunters are worry about their dogs .  Because once the hunting dogs find the target, they will chase desperately. Once they...

The most exciting moment about traveling in the wild is that a few hunting friends bring their hound or hunting dog to the mountain or forest for hunting.

But hunters are worry about their dogs .  Because once the hunting dogs find the target, they will chase desperately. Once they chase the target, they will chase to a place we can't find.

These are all things that make hunters a headache.

Finding your beloved dog in the woods or mountains is much difficult.

After a lot of effort, you still cannot find your beloved dog in the end. Let hunters experience the "pain of losing a dog", unable to find their beloved partners, and cause serious economic losses to the hunters.

What should I do when faced with this situation? The hunting dog GPS Tracker is a very good thing, as long as your hunting dog wear the locator, you can find it no matter how far the dog runs.

However, the GPS locator market is complicated. It is difficult for a new user to find hunting gps collar that is suitable for high-quality hunters.

Some people put the children's GPS  or car tracker for the hunting dog, and finally found a lot of problems.

First, most car tracker or personal use gps is not well waterproof. If it rains, the locator will be scrapped.

And the second is when dog enters the forest, the locator can‘t work properly in weak signal.

The most important thing is the power capacity.  Most car tracker come with small built-in battery because it can be connect to car power. Personal use tracker made to be slim for easy portable, so it can't made with big battery.

ICAR IK122 Hound GPS Tracker could help you solve this issue.

The new generation hound dog locator IK122 is loaded with MTK2503D telecom chipset, and the positioning Error is about 5-10 meters.

Equipped with 3.7V 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery, the appearance design is simple and elegant, and the PVC material is strong and durable.

Google Satellite Maps, Baidu Map, and A Map can be switched on the tracking platform.

With the ICAR positioning software, you can track the position of the hound anytime and anywhere. The map display combines the text description to clearly determine the location of the hound, and it is easy to know where the hunting dog is.

Features of ICAR IK122 Dog Tracker:

(1) Price: IK122 hound GPS tracker has a favorable price, which can realize one-to-one multi-function without the largest group management restriction. You can check the location of multiple dogs at the same time through a mobile phone or a computer.

(2) Positioning distance: No distance limit of positioning. The most advanced MTK2503 positioning antenna is used, which is with high sensitivity and accuracy .

(3) Battery Life: This tracker has 2 positioning modes, one is precise positioning mode and the other is power saving mode, which can meet different demands. The precise positioning mode can last for 24 hours and the power saving mode can last for about 15 days, which enlarge the chance to find the hound.

(4) Voice Monitor: we can call and hear clear what happen near the the dog, and you can set a safe electronic fence for the dog. Once the dog runs out of the safety fence you set , The locator will give you an alarm.

(5) Three-proof design: There are also waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof functions, whether it is raining, soaking in water or bathing the dog, it will not affect the use of the locator.

Parameters of IK122

Device Dimension : 68*40*35mm

Device Weight :116g

Telecom Chipset : Mediatek MT2503

Network : GSM&GPRS

Frequency Band : GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Location Chipset : Mediatek MT2503

Location Way : LBS/AGPS/GPS/Glonass

Location accuracy : <10 meters

Tracking sensitivity : -162 dBm

Humidity : 5%--95% non-condensing

Internal Battery : 3.7V 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery

Standby Time : 20 days

Charging Way : Magnetic Charger

Sim Card : Nano SIM card

Collar Length* Width: 73.6mm * 26mm

Charging: Magnetic Charging

 Features of IK122 Dog Tracker:

1.Power On/Off

Power on: Press and hold the red power button for 3 seconds to turn on the device, and voice indicate"ready"

Shutdown: Press the power button 5 seconds continuously, the locator will shut down, and voice indicate"stop"

The power button is made of the silicone material, which is of good waterproof, and not easy to be shut down by mistake.

The charging place is designed on the front, and the four copper pillars for charging are gold-plated, and they won't get rust.

Hunting Dog Tracker

2. 4000mah Buit-in Battery for Longtime Standby

What matters for the hunters is the standby time of dog tracker.

They usually ask how long would the dog tracker work or standby?

The 4000 mAh high-energy lithium battery work for long time.And with AGPS it can position in new location within 10 seconds.

It can be used for up to a week for accurate positioning with one charge, and it can stand for 15 days in power saving mode!

Multiple working modes can be switched to meet your precise positioning while saving power and optimizing battery life.

In addition, the new magnet charging method is adopted, which directly adsorbs and charges on the shell, which is convenient and simple, and is fully waterproof. And charging adapter are professionally certified and come with EU certification.

How long will the IK122 work after fully charging?

   Postioning per 5 seconds      24 hours

    Postioning per 10 seconds     64 hours (Defaut)

    Postioning per 1 minute         4 days

    Postioning per 1 hour            15 days

    Postioning per 24 hours        1 month 


Hunting dog tracker charger


We all are very concerned about the waterproof of the dog tracker.

Waterproof is of great important when hunting in rainy, or snowy days.

our engineers has tested the waterproof of IK122 under 5 to 8 meters water, and it can work normally after being placed in water for 3 to 4 hours during the test.

But don't suggest user to do this test, because the device can't be well sealed after users insert sim card.

Waterproof Dog Tracker

4.High Quality PVC material for Anti-Bite

When hunting, dogs may be playing with each other and biting the shell when fighting. In that case, the housing is easy detroyed.

To prevent the above situation, the IK122 hound locator uses imported PVC material, which is anti-bite material and will not be damaged even if it is cut by a knife.

The locator is designed with very beautiful shape and much comfortable for dogs to wear.

GPS Dog Tracker

5.How to track when no signal?

Can the locator work without a signal?

If the dog is hunting with a locator and there is no signal when chasing in the forest, how do we find him?

IK122 hunting dog locator has a historical track function which could save three months of historical records.

Turn on the historical track function, you can clearly view the movement positioning of your dog, to help hunters fully replay the battle process at a glance.

When the locator is out of power, the historical track can help the owner find his dog.

The hound tracker come with 1000 positioning storage to store tracking location when there is no internet signal.

6.Voice Monitor

The IK122 tracker come with built-in speaker and microphone , so that we can hear the sounds around the dog, and can also give commands to the dog.

What could we do with this functions?

When your dog is far away, just send a command "G1234" or click "instant positioning" on phone application for eal time positioning.

Hunters can call the device to send commands to the dogs. Trainning hunting dog will run back to you when hear your orders.

Hunters often report that they can't see the dog even the distance only 15 meters and 20 meters distanc.

What should we do?

Call the tracking device number with your phone. Then it will be easily found once the dog begin barking after he hears your order.

Then what about the horn? will water run into device through the  holes?

The IK122 dog tracker is made of special sealing and waterproof technology. Waterproof performance reaches IP68 level, deep waterproof.

7.Geo fence

Users can preset a safe range for the dog on icar tracking platform according to actual needs.

When the hound goes out of the set range, users will receive an alarm message. Application and platform will alarm automatically and promptly.

The user-friendly electronic safety fence setting ensures that the hunting dog stays away from the dangerous area and prevents the dog from being caught!

Dog GPS Tracker GEO Fence


The IK122 gps come with a lock on the collar. The lock won't rust even in rainy days because the lock is coated with high density film.

The collar adopts the latest color plastic, which has strong tensile strength, scratch resistance, and will not be hung by branches.

The colalr can withstand and perform well in harsh outdoor environments.

The collar is of 73.6 cm length and 26mm width, suitable for large dogs and small dogs, and it is very convenient.

There are a total of 5 colors of collars available: Blue/Yellow/Orange/Green/Pink. Blue, Orange and Green are the most welcome.


9.Package Contents

1pc*ICAR GPS Tracker IK122 (4000mah)

1pc* Magnetic USB cable

1pc* User manual

1pc* Dog Belt (Color Randomly)

1pc* Screw pen

2pc* Replacement screws

1pc* gift box

Dog GPS Tracker Package

10.Free Tracking Platform& Application

ICar provides users with a free tracking platform and application. The new version of Google Maps + Baidu Maps + Sky Map can be switched at any time.

The location of the hound on application makes it easy and convenient to help you find your dog.

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